Contact Management

We provide contact centre solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands. We have clients that have chosen us to run their entire contact centre service and others that use our service to assist their existing teams at peak times.

We are also able to design and implement bespoke customer service software or provide our standard software offering.

Outsourced customer service solution

Many brands have turned to us to provide a more cost effective, professional customer contact centre solution. To this end we can provide professional, highly experienced customer services agents to operate our customer service software, phones, email, live chat and website responses on your behalf and in affect become your customer service front line.

Customer service culture training

Understanding your companies customer service ethos and culture is imperative, we will be answering customer service issues on your behalf and in your name, so we must have a full understanding of how you wish to communicate with your customers. We can undertake full training for our senior agents to establish a training package for other agents to learn your customer service ethos and culture, from how to speak to customers to email etiquette, social media responses etc, this process will guarantee your customers will feel they are not speaking to a third party agency.

Customer service phone support

Having to man a Customer service phone support solution can be an expensive on going out lay. We can provide a fully managed solution that can be integrated into your customer service package that we supply. It’s very cost effective because our agents will be operating in a multi company environment and therefore keeping the costs down for you, they will be conversed in your company’s ethos and customer service culture so that it appears to your customers that they are talking directly to your company.

We can also provide dedicated teams that would only work as your brand.

Website feedback responses

We can help to devise online feedback response forms on your website to make sure that we are collecting the correct data that you will want to later report on, we also design the customer journey to make sure that the process of engagement is smooth, professional and effortless.
The journey for the customer is also enhanced by the use of our online software called DashcomCS. Dashcom CS will control all customer contact in one dashboard that you will also have access to so you have a totally transparent view of the customer service that we provide to your customers on your behalf.

Social media monitoring and management

As part of our managed service we also offer a social media solution that monitors and reacts to posts via the various social media platforms on your behalf, our agents make sure that we maintain you company ethos and brand at all times, again we make sure that all replies are written to your strict guidelines by us and on your behalf.

As a general overview we offer the following services:

  • Social Media channel management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Data analysis from social media posts, comments, reviews, etc.
  • Social Media engagement collation and reporting.
  • Social Media competitor analysis.
  • ‘Social media and beyond’ – Bespoke real-time social listening tool to capture all comments, reviews, posts and content about a brand from around the web.
  • Increase brand reputation with reports and analysis from review sites including; TRUSTPILOT and TripAdvisor.
  • Reduce level of low scoring reviews on main review sites. Activate/manage review accounts to respond and action feedback.

Managed Live Chat

Live chat is fast becoming the most recognised and cost effective way of communicating with your customers, the live chat software can reside on your website, it’s a quick and effective way of communication and it allows your customer service agents to multitask and communicate with multiple conversations and multiple platforms at one time.

Agents will have an application that allows them to communicate with customers via Live chat. The app will notify the agent when a new customer is using Live chat and will show who is currently online. You can set up multiple agents and swap conversations at will.

The Live Chat system can be managed by us on your behalf, again this is a very cost effective way of operating Live chat because our agents will be in a multi company environment and therefore keep the costs down for you.
We can also switch between our agents and your agents by utilising an agreed schedule.

Browser take over (Live Chat)

Browser take over is another feature that allows the agent to take over the customers browser and show them visually how to use a part of your website or how to use the company online shop as an example. When the chat is not manned by an agent it will collect and email messages written by the customers at agreed times.

Statistics reporting

We provide a full statistic reporting module, we will consult with you to ascertain the statistics that you will require, this will be based upon the results of the customer service online form that we initially develop with you, the phone system, received email, live chat and post. If we can collect the data it means we can report on the data, so it is crucial that the correct data is gathered from the off.

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