Franchise Management Software

We have worked with some of the biggest franchisors in the World to develop our franchise management solution, which we call DashcomFR

DashcomFR is a complete solution for franchisors, providing one platform for all your franchise needs, starting with the capture of franchise enquiries and leading on to operational matters. The system is module based, meaning each module can be added, removed or tailored, making DashcomFR a truly unique and bespoke system, ensuring it perfectly fits the needs of your business.


Key Features of DashcomFR


Franchisee Sales

Franchisors typically host an enquiry form on their website or on a third party platform. Upon completion, DashcomFR can capture the data from the form, create a portal log in for the potential franchisee (where they can review marketing materials and communicate with the relevant franchisor personnel) and creates a sales lead and follow up tasks for the franchise sales team.

This part of the process can be tailored to fit the franchisors process flow and methodology.

DashcomFR will also generate the franchise and other legal agreements and will be the platform, alongside DocuSign, used to facilitated signatures at the appropriate time. Our built in completion gene will generate a completion checklist ensuring that all required initial steps in relation to a new franchisee are completed.


Franchisee Onboarding

This part of the process can be tailored to fit the franchisors process flow and methodology and facilitate, track and record all necessary onboarding steps, such as:

  • Training
  • Issue of materials
  • Meetings
  • Shop fit outs and documents
  • Manage tasks, milestones
  • And so on…


There is also functionality to monitor the likes of planning applications for store openings and other deliverables by both franchisor and franchisee.


Document management and Helpdesk

This is where all key documents will be stored, including:

  • Franchise and other legal documents
  • Franchise manual
  • Insurance certificates
  • Process flow docs
  • And all other relevant documents


Meaning by Franchisor and franchisee have easy access at all times.



The training platform can host interactive online training and provides completion tracking, to ensure completion by franchisees and their staff. The training can be created by the franchisor using our platform tools or we specific training can be selected from our training partner and populated on the training platform.


Dashboards and communications

We will build dashboards and communications channels to fit your business, keeping all communications flowing and stored with DashcomFR.


Alerts and Announcements

The DashcomFR homepage is your broadcast centre, where you can keep your franchisees up to date with news, press releases etc. The system also features ‘AlertApp’, an App that your franchisees are encouraged to download to their phones/tablets so they can receive your news and updates immediately on their screens as they happen.


Audit and Compliance

Establish compliance data points for all franchisees and take timely action to maintain compliance.

  • Define the compliance data points that are important for you such as business licenses, insurances, etc.
  • Establish a process for all franchisees to maintain compliance records.
  • Have a complete visibility over compliance records from all franchisees.
  • Track renewal and expiration dates.
  • Remind franchisees before renewals.


Schedule field visits or invite your franchisees to self-audit.

  • Establish a standard audit procedure for all franchisees.
  • Schedule field visits and perform audits on location using mobile.
  • Invite your franchisees to perform self-audit using easy-to-use surveys.
  • Track audit results and manage follow-ups.

Estate File Management

DashcomFR creates and manages your estate file, where all key franchisee information is stored and maintained.

Through AI processes, DashcomFR ensures that details remain up to date.


We will tailor the royalty module to fit your business or it can be removed if you use alternative software/methods for calculations.

Key Features

Define Rate Structures & Fees

Define royalty rate structures, rules, and monthly fees for all units or per unit. Define when and how often do you want to calculate royalties.

Reduce Financial Data Entry

Help your units save time entering financial data by automatically importing sales and invoicing records from QuickBooks, Xero, and popular POS systems.

Collect Payments From franchisees

Collect royalty payments from your franchisees via credit cards or other means. Track and remind your franchisees if they fall behind on payments

Identify Trends & Growth Areas

Get a comprehensive view of sales, royalty, and payments across your franchise and identify trends, top, and bottom performers.



Dashcom can plug into most third party software applications, such as XERO and Sage, via an An ‘Application programming interface’ (API).

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