We provide bespoke specialist complaint handling and management software driven by AI and established algorithms to some of the biggest brands in the UK, including airlines, ADR providers, holiday providers, restaurants/food delivery and retailers.

Complaint Handling & Management Software

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What We Do

DDRT develops cloud-based software for the processing of consumer complaints and management of franchises. Our software, known as ‘Dashcom’ is used by leading alternative dispute resolution schemes, airlines, holiday providers, restaurants/food delivery brands and retailers.

Our Team

Our inhouse team includes seasoned, experienced developers, data analysts, AI specialists, machine learning experts and project managers who are responsible for the development of ground breaking innovations, and the ongoing integration of new technologies in the Aviation and travel, customer service, hospitality and retail sectors.

We also have an inhouse legal team specialising in consumer law (ranging from UK/EU261, Montreal Convention, the Consumer Rights Act and other consumer laws and regulations). To this end, not only are we expert in building unique, innovative software systems but we also truly understand the complaints running through our software and the industries we serve.

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New AI recruitment

DDRT is delighted to formerly announce the launch of its new artificial intelligence (AI) team...


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